What is a LENCURA Direct Sales Representative?

At LENCURA Direct™ our mission is simple – grow a nationwide sales force to introduce and educate consumers about the many therapeutic benefits of LENCURA™ products made with our proprietary compound Silvidiol™. As a LENCURA Direct sales representative, you will be joining a company that offers the  industry’s leading sales compensation plans. Now, more than ever, people are looking for natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical medicines. Silvidiol, formulated with Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp), Emerald Aloe Vera and Arnica Montana, is providing people with amazing results in the relief of pain and inflammation. Many people who begin using CANNAVERA™ become so passionate about their own success that they want to share their experience and often start their own LENCURA Direct business. If you are looking for a way to become successful in this explosive and amazing new industry, search no further. LENCURA Direct is ideal for part-time supplemental income or for full-time career compensation.

What Does the LENCURA Direct Sales Program Offer?:

  • Earn the industry’s most competitive commissions on ALL referral sales.
  • Receive the industry’s most competitive commissions on ALL paid orders from customers.
  • Start immediately, no need to invest in product inventory to sell or deliver.
  • A simple, secure and easy to use web-based business management tool that features a comprehensive dashboard of events to track and monitor sales and commissions in real-time.
  • Access to a user-friendly sales platform with internet, local retail, local business and local consumer leads.
  • Ongoing sales training, management/administrative/account support, and an extensive library of continuously updated marketing materials.
  • Freedom to work a flex-schedule to fit life style needs.
  • Membership to a community of people who share a passion for providing real relief to those suffering from pain and educating people about the exciting therapeutic benefits of Silvidiol.

What is the LENCURA Opportunity?

Think for a moment about how exciting it will be to join a brand new marketplace, truly in its infancy. Today we are fortunate to find ourselves viewing the advent of one of the most explosive growth industries of the century. As cellular changed every aspect of human communication and as email/.com overnight changed the dynamic of every business worldwide, so does cannabis promise to change consumer healthcare forever.  You are being invited to join our organization and actively participate in the very first national sales efforts of its kind. After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (which included the Hemp Farming Act), many credible analysts revised estimates upward that the CBD industry will grow to over $3.0 billion dollars by 2020, that’s up 1,000% from 2016.

At LENCURA, we develop novel cannabinoid therapies and innovative delivery systems that are natural, safe, effective and affordable for all consumers. When you represent LENCURA products you can be confident that you are offering the very best  cannabinoid products of its kind available anywhere. At LENCURA Direct we believe value is found in quality, not price. This principle we will never compromise.

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