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Can’t live with out it!

This order was processed for a new customer but I use it daily. I believe I will always have this on hand. I use it for neck and lower back issues. It relieves a lot of achenes.

Product works as promised !

Topical pain roll on is first thing I have found that actually works on nerve pain

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Roll-On

Bruising and pain relief

I was told by a pharmacist to try Cannavera Ointment for my bruises so I took a gamble and tried it. This stuff works!!! Not only did it help the pain but, look at the pictures of a bruise I sustained before trying Cannavera. About 5 days after using Cannavera daily it has cleared up tremendously. I am so excited that I found a product that actually works for me. I would recommend this product to anybody that may bruise easy or who needs pain relief!

Amazing relief!

Definitely relieved the intensity of the pain in a short time!


Reduced pain in feet and knees. Highly recommend trying product.

Who Doesn't Love Relief!!!

LOVING the relief in my joints from the use of the products! OMGEE! Thanks so much for bringing us these amazing products we can trust!! :-)


I tried it on my foot and it has helped. Bought an extra for my Mom to try with her arthritis and she noticed a difference too!

it works if you use it as described

it works if you use it as described. the reason is hemp, what was used by our ancient people long time ago as pain relief.

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Thanks again for sending product samples, I really enjoyed them!





Ordered Cannavera Topical Pain Relief Roll-On and Topical Relief Crème and am very satisfied with both products and with the service from Lencura.

Works first time every time

Love this stuff.Fixes my achy knee and shoulder after every workout. I highly recommend for active people with aches and pains.I will definitely buy more


Topical Pain Relief Liquid Spray name speaaks for itself, my wife uses it .for pain she has because she has MS. She says it really help her leg and arm pain. It do not stop her hands from hurting. It works better than anything we have tried.

I give it a 41/2.

Took care of 75% of my pain. This has helped more than anything else I've used.

Amazing! *****

I work for an integrative pharmacy and had used several very high quality CBD brands, both oral and topical, before I came upon Cannavera.
I have chemotherapy caused neuropathy that was quite painful and debilitating. It worked faster and did more for me than any of the others in a much shorter time. I'm still using it and really appreciate the relief it gives me. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has pain and have been telling everyone I know that has some kind of pain to try it.

Pain in limbo

Pain will leave but it comes back. It works but for what it cost you would think it would last longer. It has a very good smell but l am not sure it works any better than plain old caster oil. We have the spray and the roll on and my wife thinks it is great.

I like it

This product works, and you don’t need a prescription!

Truly works!

Love this product! Such a great alternative to oral medication for pain!

Pain relief

This roll on has helped me deal with my ankle pain. It is not a cure all, but it definitely helps sore muscles.

Knee Relief

My husband has been experiencing some knee discomfort, that also affected his lower back. When applied, this oil roll-on worked to give some relief during the sleeping hours. Feel it did as advertised.

This stuff works

I have to admit I was skeptical, but I'm so glad I bought 2 .
I work hard and deserve pain relief that doctors refuse to give help with, they are goverment shills.
They deserve a short rope

Cannavera Topical Spray and Cannavera Topical Roll-On

I have arthritis in both of my feet and have have multiple surgeries on both. I still have chronic 24/7 pain. Nothing over-the-counter even puts a dent in the pain and swelling. I've been using the Cannavera Topical Spray and Cannavera Topical Roll-On for a few weeks and am experiencing fantastic results! I use both of them 3 times per day and am seeing a noticeable difference. I get through the day (most days!) without chronic pain. This has been a game changer for me as I am on my feet most of the day. I highly, highly recommend these products! Thank you, Jim C. for suggesting them!!!


It helped me the first time. My not be able to afford it all the time.