Congratulations! Now that you have registered, please read the following information to get started building your business.

The information is also being sent to you via email.

8 Steps to Success 


As a sales representative, you now have access to your own dashboard where you can manage and promote your LENCURA Direct™ business. You can access your dashboard either with this link – – or via the drop-down menu, under the “My Account“, on the home page of the website, but first you need to be logged in by clicking “Log in” on the menu.  You will use the username and password you created upon registration to access your dashboard.


Link: Upon registration you were sent a welcome email that contains a tracking link. If you did not receive our automatic email, please refer to step #4 and read about whitelisting our email. Please also look in spam and updates folders. Your link will track your visitors and is available to use immediately.

Landing Page: For your personal landing page we need your help. You can upload everything we need for your page right on your dashboard:

  1. Just click on the image on the left side to upload a profile picture.
  2. Then click on “Account” on the left side and verify your Address information and on the lower portion of the screen, choose a payout method and write a brief bio about yourself in the profile field.
  3. By clicking  “Social Links” on the left side, you can fill in your social media links like Facebook, Twitter etc.


In order for us to be able to pay your commissions you need to fill out these forms and return them to us at


If you need personal attention please contact us via your dashboard in the “CONTACT US” section on your dashboard on the left side menu.

We communicate via email. If you are not receiving our emails please whitelist our email, and

If you are not familiar with this term, research how to whitelist an email using whatever email server you use. Ex: How to whitelist an email using Gmail? You will find it is quite simple.


Become familiar with your dashboard, also known as your control panel. This will be where you track sales, receive reports, market and develop your LENCURA Direct™ business.


On your dashboard you will see a tab titled promotion, you will find free support materials that can help you promote and track your marketing efforts.

At any time, you can also purchase support and marketing materials such as business cards, a LENCURA Direct™ email address, banners, rack cards, etc.

To purchase visit


Read and understand the Annotated Recommending Information (ARI) for all CANNAVERA™ products made with Silvidiol™.

Watch the other videos in the videos section and read the website.


The best way to sell product is to share your own experience and then educate about the benefits of this amazing product line.

If at any time you have questions, please reach out to us at

Thank you for choosing LENCURA Direct™, we are happy to have you on the team


David J. Chadwick
President, CEO