Our Hassle-Free Guarantee

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not totally satisfied with the results you receive from our products, we will refund your full purchase price.

To start the return process, simply visit our Return page to initiate the return process on your own, call us at 1-888-888-4431 to speak with a Customer Support representative or email RMA@LENCURADIRECT.com. So you have nothing to lose but your pain when ordering CANNAVERA Relief Ointment, Crème, Spray or Roll-on Oil. The same goes for our Spider Vein Relief Ointment and Anti-Aging Rescue Creme.

If you purchased multiple items we may request that you ship back any unused products, but just give us a call or visit our Return page and we’ll discuss making it right. You have 30 days (1 month) to return the product and request a no-hassle refund.*

*Valid for up to six products (including items that are free or discounted due to promotions) per customer per month. Shipping charges are non-refundable. We are sorry, but as of now, we do not provide return labels.

Confidential Product Support

Purchasing a LENCURA™ product is just the first step in achieving pain relief and skin health. We hope that you are satisfied with your experience so far, but would like to offer further support to you throughout your healing process. If you have any questions about applying our products or how they should be working, please contact our Confidential Product Support service at 1-888-888-4431 or support@LENCURADIRECT.com