CONGRATULATIONS on your choice to share LENCURA products and the therapeutic benefits of Silvidiol™ with people throughout your community. Our pledge is to always provide exceptional service and support of all sales efforts to ensure your professional experience at LENCURA Direct™ will be personally and financially rewarding. To launch your own business today,  join our sales force by completing the simple and quick registration process and select one of two Sales Representative (SR) Package Options  below that best supports your needs as a SR.

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  • Step 2: Choose one of the two SR package options and complete your purchase.
  • Step 3: Follow the 8 Steps to Success with LENCURA Direct™ that will be sent to you following your registration.

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If you love our products and you are already spreading the word then why not get paid? Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) is an exploding business opportunity and it is rewarding to introduce people to LENCURA brands like CANNAVERA™ that feature Silvidiol™ (a nano-particle compound made with CBD, aloe and arnica) – an active ingredient that is producing amazing therapeutic benefits in topical pain relief and skin care.


Our commission structure is NOT based on a multi-level marketing platform. It is simple, easy to understand and follow. When you sell, you receive a commission. It’s that easy. Your commission rate is determined by your monthly sales volume, but unlike most commission-only sales programs, there is no small print or complicated  language designed to mislead or confuse you about entitlements and earnings. When you sell, you will be able to earn the highest commissions in the industry because the leadership at LENCURA Direct understands the company’s foundation of success is based on the success of our SRs. Our representatives are the heart of our company and we will succeed together.

  • All earned sales commissions are paid out monthly without holdover or reserve.
  • High percentage, straight forward commission rates.
  • Easy to follow!

Watch this video to learn more about our COMMISSION STRUCTURE

How do we protect our sales  representatives and track their sales?

We know you will work hard to educate people about the amazing benefits of LENCURA products . As a company, we do not compete with our sales reps. You are our eyes, ears and mouth piece to the consumer direct market. We have several layers of protection to ensure you receive credit for any referrals. You must also do you part to ensure you receive referral commission credit for a sale.

  • Personalized links and Landing pages: When a person clicks through your link or landing page and registers as a customer, they are tracked to you as the referring SR.
  • Personalized Coupon codes are provided to those who sign up for package #1, #2 or #3. This way if a customer forgets to go through your landing page they will be able to use your coupon code which saves them 5%. When they go through your page or use your code they are tracked to you. This code is available for any customer.
  • Exclusive Customers: To earn an exclusive customer your client must register. It’s quick and simple. Once the customer registers they never have to remember your code or link again. Registration has HUGE Only registered customers qualify for sales, promotions and bundling and save options. We will never sell or share their information or bombard them with marketing. The purpose of this function is to protect the SR, so you never lose a sales commission once you’ve worked hard to complete a sale.
  • Sales Representative data field at checkout: We take it one step further and ask EVERY customer upon checkout to tell us who shared LENCURA Direct with them. This is yet another opportunity for the customer to tell us you are the SR.

LENCURA Direct has designed a robust Integrated Point of Sale (i-POS) platform to help ensure a SR receives every commissioned earned. The SR is reminded that it is incumbent upon the sales SR to instruct their customers on the process of going through the SR’s link or landing page and using the SR’ code to properly register the customer account in the LENCURA Direct i-POS.


The best way is to direct customers to your LENCURA Direct sales link on your personal webpage. If you have a business website, you should direct everyone to that website through advertising. This provides traffic to your site and ensures customers will click through your link before buying.

We suggest placing our LENCURA Direct logo or perhaps a banner ad on your website to draw attention and ensure they visit us via your link. Once your customer goes through  the purchase process the first time, they are yours exclusively for one year from date of last purchase. After one year you may continue to receive commissions indefinitely for any purchase by that customer, until they complete an online sales transaction and register another SR’s code.


Option #1

  • Receive a unique url to distribute for customers to get to website
  • Receive a Sales Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • X
  • Receive a personalized coupon code for your customers to save 5%
  • X
  • Your coupon code also serves as an additional layer of protection to track sales
  • X

Option #2

  • Receive a unique url to distribute for customers to get to website
  • Receive a Sales Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • Receive an email address at
  • Receive a personalized coupon code for your customers to save 5%.
  • Receive a personalized QR Code for mobile online customer orders with 5% savings
  • Your Coupon and QR Codes also serve as an additional layer of protection to track sales
  • X