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AQUAFIRE hand sanitizer products are USA FDA registered. The active ingredient, Ethyl Alcohol, is listed in the FDA antiseptic monograph as category III for safety and efficacy. Our formula, with Aloe Vera, sanitizes and leaves the skin clean with a soft, refreshing feel.
AQUAFIRE is a powerful and safe sanitizer that helps to keep hands free of illness causing germs and leaves skin noticeably softer at the end of every day.
AQUAFIRE is formulated for repeated use and, when used as directed, is child safe.

Industry Solutions

Lencura Direct provides hand sanitizers to a wide variety of industries nationwide.


Our goal is to provide a safe clean workplace for all to enjoy.

  • Office Buildings


Effective and affordable treatments for industrial sites large and small.

  • Automotive 
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing


We offer a wide array of solutions to the food and restaurant industry.

  • Casinos
  • Convenience Stores & Travel Centers 
  • Food Service
  • Grocery
  • Hotels


Dedicated to all classrooms and offices across this great nation.

  • Colleges & Universities 
  • K-12 Schools


Protecting our troops in both the field and the office is important.

  • Government
  • Military 
  • Military Health 
  • VA


From your home to the gym, keeping your areas sanitized.

  • Acute Care
  • Athletic Facilities 
  • Dental 
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Healthcare 
  • Long Term Care 
  • Physicians Offices


We are an industry leader in manufacturing capabilities and relationship building. We pride ourselves in our attention to the details, putting you and your company first.

American Owned and Operated

We are based in Henderson, NV with production and distribution facilities located throughout the United States.

Specializing in Bulk and Wholesale

Industry leader, producer, manufacturer and distributor of sanitizer solutions for a variety of industries and consumers.

Key Global

Secured key partnerships with North American & Global producers in order to produce large quantities of premium products.

FDA Registered

Our Hand Sanitizer has been registered with the FDA and exceeds the CDC's recommended guidelines to kill bacterial and viral pathogens on the skin


Lencura Direct, Inc. produces and distributes hand sanitizer  products and is located in Henderson, Nevada. Our manufacturing team has conducted over 40 years of formulation and on-site research studying the effects of natural plant based medicines.
We pride ourselves on offering products that are based on proven science and actual customer success. We hold firm to our belief in sustainable, honest and accountable practices in our production process.
We are passionately committed to using environmentally responsible resources and manufacturing methods that support nature’s well-being. This includes:

  • use of natural, re-growable ingredients from renewable resources (organic whenever possible)
  • no use of parabens
  • no animal testing or use of animal by-products. 
  • recycling, reusing and reducing waste 
  • use of the latest green energy systems for water and energy efficiency. 

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