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Containing Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp), Emerald Aloe Vera & Arnica

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Our mission is a natural and effective pain solution for most pain associated with; muscles, joints, tendons, nerves, minor burns, abrasions, laser resurfacing, radiation therapy, tattoos, and bug bites.

What Makes us Different from other CBD Pain Relief Products?

Silvidiol*; a proprietary nano-encapsulated liposome which allows Hemp Oil, Emerald Aloe & Arnica to get to where the nerve endings are, helping to relieve inflammation and deliver pain relief for up to 24 hours.

Tioga Studies prove Silvidiol does NOT enter the blood stream and will not interfere with other medications or show up on blood tests. NO THC.

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Quality Commitment

We are passionately committed to offering quality products that are based on proven science, actual customer success and to using environmentally responsible resources and manufacturing methods that support nature’s well-being

Real Reviews

Able To Do Stuff Today That I Haven’t Done In Years

I have used the CANNAVERA oil on my arthritic knee and have had great relief when I walk and especially when I climb stairs. I also have used it on both frozen shoulders and it has helped to increase my range of motion by easing the pain in both shoulders. I use it routinely and it works. I’m able to do stuff today that I haven’t done in years.

Richard Plant


Works As Advertised With No Side Effects

I have major scoliosis with chronic pain in my lower back and have tried everything recommended by my doctor. None of it has provided any significant relief that is actually manageable, but the drugs prescribed sure did trigger plenty of other complications that seemed more harmful than the pain. I showed CANNAVERA to my doctor and he said the science made sense, appeared to be safe and I could keep using it as long as it provides relief. Finally, something that works as advertised with no side effects.



My husband can walk again

My husband’s knee was in such bad shape that he was walking with a severe limp—and he’s only 30 and climbs wind turbines for a living. Muscle therapy didn’t help, chiropractic only helped minimally, but cannavera relaxed the muscles and relieved 90% of his pain. When we saw the chiropractor again, he was amazed. Said that the oil probably reduced the inflammation enough that the knee could start to heal. This was truly a God-send and an answer to prayer!!!

Mandie F.


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